Hi, I’m Bob Sander

and I want to be Pierce Township’s newest Trustee.  Carol and I lived on the east side of Cincinnati all of our lives, moved to Pierce Township in 2000, and never looked back.  She and I have been active in our church and local community from the start.

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My leadership experience began as an Army officer, serving as a Lieutenant in Vietnam. After the service, employment with Cincinnati Bell Inc. began and my leadership continued as Manager in Information Services, Treasury/Financial Services, and Manager of Training, Development, and Safety Services, before retirement.

Clermont County is my current employer and I’ve worked for about thirteen years for the Board of Clermont County Commissioners. The highlight has been as Director-Human Resources in charge of a $12 M departmental budget.

Currently I work part-time as Human Resources Consultant in budgets, healthcare, training, and development for the Board. I know who to contact in the County to get things done, and more importantly, they know me and we will communicate on a first name basis.

I previously served as Chair of the Pierce Township Police Focus Group Committee, twice chair of the Zoning Committee, and currently Vice-Chair of the Board of Zoning Appeals.

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I believe that Pierce Township is where it is today because of active citizen involvement in many boards and committees that make Pierce Township great.

In the future the Board of Trustees must develop and communicate a robust vision to the Township Administrator to continue to meet our financial challenges as well as address issues involving annexation. 

My conversations with citizens indicate that road repairs, parks, greenspace, and controlled development while keeping the allure of a country setting are priorities.  The coming attraction of the Leash-Free Dog Park is a resident favorite.

A single trustee can only make progress when at least one other Trustee agrees.  This collaborative dependent system requires skills to present ideas and gain concurrence.  I excel in that process.

My vision for the future is to create a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in Pierce.  In conjunction with the County’s Emergency Management Agency, and local Fire/EMS and Law Enforcement, we will identify and train Pierce Citizen volunteers to assist local professionals when natural and man-made disasters occur.  This trained group would be prepared to provide first aid for themselves and other citizens until our local Fire/EMS and law enforcement professionals can respond.

I also believe that we should take the monthly Trustee meeting “on the road” to try to involve more citizens in the township government experience.  The first stop could be the Still Meadow community neighborhood to gain more citizen involvement.

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Vote for me and with your help we’ll continue the progress as citizens deserve.

I know how county and township government works.  One Trustee alone cannot rule the day.  It takes a collaborative effort of at least two Trustees to approve projects.  I am an independent person and will work with either or both of the other Trustees to enact change, no matter who wins the election.  This Trustee team will instill a vision and encourage an attitude of success that will enable our Township Administrator and the department heads to design and implement strategies to accomplish the vision.   

I’m Bob Sander; please give me your vote for Pierce Township Trustee on November 7th.

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Please consider donating to my campaign:

Checks Payable To:

Lee Kortz, Treasurer
3508 Birkdale Way
Cincinnati, OH 45245